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Factory Automation

Factory Automation
Factory Automation

Factory Automation products

  • Factory Automation AC Drives - AC Drives
    Factory Automation AC Drives

    Shihlin AC Drive (VFD) series are growing fast with the core technology on electronic fields. Until now, we have accumulated huge experience on real applications and have enjoyed a great popularity among factory automation markets. With the flexibility on wide capacity range and specialized models, Shihlin AC Drives can fit in each application you need.

  • Factory Automation AC Servo Driver & Motor - AC Servo Driver & Motor
    Factory Automation AC Servo Driver & Motor

    In order to provide sophisticated, qualified and reliable FA products, Shihlin has been developing AC servo drivers & motors on top of our strong R&D ability, making Shihlin AC servo be able to fit in any highly sophisticated application such as semi-conductor industry or robotic arm, helping customers worldwide with smart production solution.

  • Factory Automation HMI - HMI
    Factory Automation HMI

    Shihlin HMI offers panels with a variety of dimensions and color, providing convenient and fast control function toward factory automation industry. With free Windows-based user-friendly software, users are able to do programing rapidly.

  • Factory Automation Temperature Controller - Temperature Controller
    Factory Automation Temperature Controller

    Equipped with fast speed response, precise temperature reading, supporting different digital input/ output and Modbus communication protocol, Shihlin WT temperature controller turns system into stable status rapidly. Moreover, all series provide international mounting dimensions under CE & UL certification.


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Over 60 Years of Factory Automation | Electrical Equipment Manufacturing and Supply | Shihlin Electric

Based in Taiwan, Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corp. is one of the leading Factory Automation | electrical system and electrical equipment suppliers since 1955.

With the large distribution network, including Taiwan, North America and China, Shihlin Electric's electrical distribution system is well-recognized internationally.

From circuit breaker, magnetic contactor to automatic transfer switch, Shihlin Electric's low voltage power distribution system is innovative and continuously gaining visibility from worldwide buyers.

Shihlin Electric has been offering advanced technology in heavy electrical systems, electrical equipment, machinery and automation for a long time, both with skillful technology and 60 years of power distribution experience, Shihlin Electric ensures each customer's needs are met.

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