Oval Self-Healing Shunt Capacitor

Oval Self-Healing Shunt Capacitor


Shihlin Electric Oval Self-Healing Shunt Capacitor
Shihlin Electric Oval Self-Healing Shunt Capacitor


  • Material- Metallized polypropylene film (MPP) with good voltage-withstand and with good dielectric properties, which is capable of self-healing is employed as an dielectric, if any damage is caused on the dielectric, the metallized electrode around the damage point will be immediately vaporized and then the ability of insulation is restored, capacitor will continue to operate functionally.
  • Capacitor is sealed with aluminum case, due to the dielectric directly contact with the case, heat is transmitted outside of capacitor, temperature rise is relatively low with long service life.
  • Employ the transparent protective cover, it is easy to check the connection of the terminal and leas wire, prevent spark/flash due to the bad connection.
  • Double protection is ensured. Fuse is embedded into each unit of elements and the whole capacitor unit to ensure the safety and prevent the accident occurrence.
  • Low losses on the dielectric and low temperature rise with long service life which is cost efficient in the investment.
  • Equipped with the discharge resistor, ensure the safety in all kind of application and the safety of maintenance.
  • Sealed with the eco-friendly flame-resistant epoxy resin, there is no possibility of oil-leakage during operation, avoid the environment pollution.


  • Improving power factor


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