Magnetic Contactor / Switch

Magnetic Contactor / Switch

Magnetic Switches
Magnetic Switches

Starts and stops a large-load electric motor through a control circuit using a lower power level, such as electric motors, lighting, heating, and other electrical loads.

  • Magnetic Contactor - Shihlin Electric Magnetic Contactor
    Magnetic Contactor
    Magnetic Contactor with rated capacity: 9~1260A

    Shihlin Electric AC/DC contactor for switching the control system of electric power transmission and distribution.

  • Modular Contactor - Shihlin Electric Modular Contactor
    Modular Contactor
    Modular Contactor with rated capacity: 16~63A

    Shihlin Electric SMC series modular contactors are use to control long-distance connecting and breaking no-sense or low sense loads, low inductance loads household appliance and other similar control appliances.

  • Definite Purpose Contactor - Shihlin Electric Definite Purpose Contactor
    Definite Purpose Contactor
    Definite Purpose Contactor with rated capacity: 20~40A

    Shihlin Electric definite purpose contactor comply with USA ARI 780/790, IEC 60947-4-1, applicable to the motor protective system in air-conditioning equipment, refrigerator or the control of the heater, motor, pump, fan, compressor in other industrial equipment.

  • Capacitor Contactor - Shihlin Electric Capacitor Contactor
    Capacitor Contactor
    Capacitor Contactor with rated capacity: 11~80A

    Shihlin Electric contactor is equipped with current limiting resistor which can suppress surge current output from the capacitors. Applicable to rated voltage AC600V and 50/60Hz system.

  • Heavy Duty Magnetic Contactor - Shihlin Electric Heavy Duty Magnetic Contactor
    Heavy Duty Magnetic Contactor
    Heavy Duty Magnetic Contactor with rated capacity: 11~40A

    Shihlin Electric Heavy Duty Magnetic Contactor are ppplicable to heavy duty & high frequency operating machines and tools, such as overhead traveling crane, crane, hoist, lift and etc.

  • Magnetic Control Relay - Shihlin Electric Magnetic Control Relay
    Magnetic Control Relay
    Magnetic Control Relay with rated capacity: 1.6A

    Shihlin Electric Magnetic Control Relay are a switching devices that maintain in contact state without power

  • Thermal Overload Relay - Shihlin Electric Thermal Overload Relay
    Thermal Overload Relay
    Thermal Overload Relay with adjustment Range: 0.13~500A

    Shihlin Electric Thermal Overload Relay can be use to protect motors from overheating by controlling the electrical current that goes in to the motor, which prevent it from overheating.

  • Star-Delta Starter - Shihlin Electric Star-Delta Starter
    Star-Delta Starter
    Star-Delta Starter with rated Capacity:21~220

    When starting with star-delta starter, starting current and torque of motor will be reduced to 1/3 of those of direct starting, which reduce the disturbances and interference on the electrical supply

  • Push Button - Shihlin Electric Push Button
    Push Button
    Push Button with IP20 protection

    Use push button to remotely control magnetic contactor or switch from a distance.

  • Auxiliary Contact - Shihlin Electric Magnetic Contactor Auxiliary Contact
    Auxiliary Contact
    Auxiliary Contact with front mounted and side mounted type

    Auxiliary contact can be added for extra signal output with normal on and normal close


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