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Corporation Vision

Corporation Philosophy

Superior quality and enthuslastic service to society


The Blueprint for development in the future

Continuous improvement in offering products and service to the customer's satisfaction


Innovation, Improvement

Positioned according to the 3I (Internationalized, Integrated, Innovative), the company is expanding towards the international community at full speed and in all directions, including its strategic thinking, product portfolios and market competition, regional logistics, and so forth. From the old days to modern times, from domestic needs to internationalization, from stable growth to innovation for change, SHIHLIN ELECTRIC has undergone metamorphosis in the public eye. Yet Chairman Emmet Hsu insists that: the corporate goal of the enterprise is the quest for making the world a better place with Shihlin's safe and affordable products and high growth at an accelerated pace. SHIHLIN ELECTRIC may undergo healthy growth only with a strong will for achievement and a quest for excellence.


Region-Strategy-Product Line, the three-in-one global logistics mindset

SHIHLIN ELECTRIC braves imminent challenges as a result of globalization through global deployment and marketing. The basic consideration is keeping a strong home base in Taiwan, advancing to China, and stretching out to North America, Japan, Southeast Asia and the European Union. The company seeks to map out a flexible strategy in the wake of the changing scope of new markets. From the interrelation between production lines, production bases and regional markets, the company optimizes the integration of resources, information and human efforts. For achieving a zero-distance objective in the future and a three-in-one global logistics mindset, the company maintains its momentum for change and positions itself with a fresh outlook.


Resource Integration for building up intragroup supporting platform

The company adopts a professional division of labor between parent and subsidiaries of the group for full-range integration of group resources and for the upgrade and strengthening of the competitive power of the entire Shihlin Electrical Group. Through international coordination and adjustment, the company has achieved the sharing of resources between Taiwan and China. In addition, the company has broadened the geographic horizon in IPO so as to add possible sources for procurement. Further, the company has also practiced preemptive purchasing of materials to avoid price fluctuation of bulk materials through integration of resources. As such, the company always gets the best prices for materials. At the same time the e-planning strategy of the company enables the entire group to efficiently improve coordination between production and sales as well as inventory level. This helps to compress lead-time to respond to changes in market needs.


Build up the knowledge management platform R&D technology and innovation at the same speed

Continuous innovation is the only force for sustainable development of the enterprise. To make innovation capacity the focus of the group, SHIHLIN ELECTRIC & ENGINEERING CORPORATION specifically established a research and development center to bring together academic resources in Taiwan and China for further integration. This center meets international standards and regulations. With the knowledge management platform on R&D technology in this institute, the company can speed up the development of new products and new types of machinery. With new creativity and thinking, the company can fortify itself in the development of new products. At the same time, the marketing personnel have also been trained in product application technologies and customer service techniques. With such an innovative spirit, they can create more business opportunities.


Self-sufficiency in domestic production and sales, satisfy the needs of the partners in the four geographic regions

The company has built up its production base in the nearest proximity to the market. SHIHLIN ELECTRIC adopts a pragmatic strategy of satisfying the needs of the markets in all four regions. Currently, the company has a production base and sales locations in (Greater China, ASEAN, North America, and the EU). With the competitive advantages of cost and quality, and the capacity of handling the high volume of OEM orders from large, international firms, the company has indeed emerged as the OEM and ODM partners of major international firms. Through the establishment of specific functional departments (Sales, Design, Manufacturing, QC), the company can properly respond to and strengthen its relation with strategic partners.


Build up the group human resources warehouse for upgrading the quality of human skills

Human resources will be critical for the success of the enterprise in future competition. Over the years, SHIHLIN ELECTRIC has been making changes proactively. In practice, the company adopts a policy of appointing young executives to important positions and has invited these young talents to participate in all fields of business activities. At the same time, the company has also applied BPR to evaluate its human resources, and has engaged in job rotation in order to give the people there different forms of experience and carry over the experience to the corporate human resources database. Personnel transfer among the affiliates and subsidiaries helps to revitalize the human resources of the entire group. The introduction of high quality and experienced talents and the accumulation of assets in the human resources database enables the company to use only top quality personnel (the outstanding performers stay and the poor performers go) and reduce the cost of human resources (BPR + ABC, Balance Score Card, IE have been adopted for enhancing production efficiency). This also helps to attract talent from different parts of the world.


The people of the company are always together with the same mind whole-heartedly

The revitalization and focus of the organization allows for the maximization of profits. Innovation and energy has paved the way for sustained development in operations. Starting as a local business, the company has changed itself into a business with international division of labor. The company moves towards internationalization to tackle the changes in the operation environment. The innovative mindset of SHIHLIN ELECTRIC is based on the internationalization of it's human resources structure, concentration of resources, and adjustment of corporate policy. For achieving this great corporate goal in the long run, the company sees everyone as equal and like a big family. All the personnel of SHIHLIN ELECTRIC show their love for the company and try their best to achieve their goals. Together, all the people in the company are united in their pursuit of success.



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Corporation Vision - MCCB Circuit Breaker System Manufacturer | Shihlin Electric

Located in Taiwan since 1955, Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corp. has been a breaker switchgear and circuit breaker system manufacturer. Their main products, include circuit breakers, magnetic switchs, power distribution systems and magnetic contactors, which are sold to world-class clients such as TSMC, GE, Mitsubishi Electric, Eaton and so forth.

Established in 1955, SHIHLIN ELECTRIC & ENGINEERING CORPORATION has expanded its operations from basic construction to public works, from the development of electrical power resources to assisting in industry upgrade for Low Voltage Electrical Beaker Switchgear and Circuit Breaker System. With more than 60 years International business in Low Voltage power distribution and motor control experience, Shihlin Electric is specialized in Low Voltage Electrical Beaker Switchgear and Circuit Breaker System.

Shihlin Electric has been offering clients low-voltage electrical switchgear and MCCB circuit breaker systems, both with advanced technology and 68 years of power distribution experience, Shihlin Electric ensures each customer's needs are met.

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