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Shihlin History

1955-Shihlin Electric was established by founder Mr. Chin-Te Hsu
1963-Technology cooporated with Mitsubishi Electric Japan
1966-Manufactured 69kV class power transformer
 -Automobile & motocycle parts plant
1969-Public stock exchange listed
 -Switchgear Panel Plant
1972-Current/Voltage transformer plant established
1973-Breaker & switch plant established
1979-Manufactured 161kV class Power Transformer
1984-Factory Automation plant established
1988-Cast resin transformer plant established
1990-Mrs.Suzanne Hsu succeeded Mr. C.T Hsu as Chairman
1994-Automobile & Motocycle plant established in Vietnam
 -Received ISO90001 certificat
1995-Automobile plant established in Chang-Zhou, China
 -Breaker & Switch plant established in Xia-Men, China
1997-Headquarter office building completion
1998-Received ISO14001 Certificate
1999-Mr. Emmet Hsu succeeded Mrs. Suzanne Hsu as Chairman
 -Sysetem engineering & optoelectronics division
 -Digital products sales division
2000-Manufactured 345kV class power transformer
2001-Capacitor plant established in Su-Zhou, China
 -Automobile plant established in Wu-Xi, China
 -Automobile Plant established in Fu-Zhou, China
2002-345kV, 650MVA Power Transformer in service
2003-161kV SF6 transformer, GIS, 24kV CRTR & Panel delivered to Taipei 101
2004-Oil immersed distribution transformer plant established in Vietnam
2007-Received OHSAS 18001 certificate
 -Received KEMA, SCB10-GB certificate for cast resin transformer
2008-345kV, 717MVA transformer in service
 -Shihlin Electric USA Ltd. established
2009-Shihlin Electric AUS PTY Ltd. established


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History - MCCB Circuit Breaker System Manufacturer | Shihlin Electric

Located in Taiwan since 1955, Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corp. has been a breaker switchgear and circuit breaker system manufacturer. Their main products, include circuit breakers, magnetic switchs, power distribution systems and magnetic contactors, which are sold to world-class clients such as TSMC, GE, Mitsubishi Electric, Eaton and so forth.

Established in 1955, SHIHLIN ELECTRIC & ENGINEERING CORPORATION has expanded its operations from basic construction to public works, from the development of electrical power resources to assisting in industry upgrade for Low Voltage Electrical Beaker Switchgear and Circuit Breaker System. With more than 60 years International business in Low Voltage power distribution and motor control experience, Shihlin Electric is specialized in Low Voltage Electrical Beaker Switchgear and Circuit Breaker System.

Shihlin Electric has been offering clients low-voltage electrical switchgear and MCCB circuit breaker systems, both with advanced technology and 68 years of power distribution experience, Shihlin Electric ensures each customer's needs are met.

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